Womens MTB


Female riders don’t necessarily need a women’s bike!

What all riders need is a bike that fits them well and works with their own body shape, whatever that may be. In general, women are shorter and lighter than men, often with a proportionally shorter torso and longer limbs than men, though of course this varies greatly.

Most brands now include female-specific bikes within their ranges and their approaches to design vary, too. Some build their women’s models around a new frame designed to fit the “shorter torso, long legs” mould.

Other brands convert their existing frame designs by fitting contact points (the areas where the rider’s body comes into direct contact with the bike: seat, hands and feet) better suited to female riders, effectively downsizing the bike without compromising its performance.

At Dare Valley Cycles we understand that not everyone is the same and that the important factor is that the bike fits you. Come in and talk to our expert staff and we will make sure that you get what is right for you.

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